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For over 18 years, Cheryl has been astonishing the residents of Chatham-Kent with her innate ability to craft innovative and delectable dishes from scratch.

Cheryl was raised on a Wabash farm alongside her 7 siblings, instilling in her a deep appreciation for the land's bountiful harvest. From a young age, their mother imparted the art of collaborative work, teaching the children how to preserve the season's goodness through canning jams, jellies, pickles, and more.

From the moment Cheryl stepped into the restaurant industry at the age of 15, she knew she had found her true calling. Progressing steadily through various roles—from waitress to cook to manager to owner—she absorbed the intricacies of the business firsthand.

Besides her passion for food, Cheryl crossed paths with Bruce McInerney, a former bartender and cook from Montreal.

Over time, Bruce has developed into an accomplished wine connoisseur and has gained a reputation for crafting the finest Caesar cocktails in town. Together, they form an impeccable team—Cheryl excels in the kitchen, while Bruce shines as the master behind the bar.

For a span of 7 years, Bruce and Cheryl presided over the Natural Food Emporium, showcasing their expertise in crafting homemade chicken salad, veggie pitas, wraps, salads, dressings, soups, and lasagna. The success of this establishment was so remarkable that its menu seamlessly transitioned into becoming the lunch menu for Zee's Bistro, granting Chatham-Kent the privilege of savoring the finest offerings from the Food Emporium along with a fresh take on relaxed yet refined dining.

As an inseparable team, Bruce and Cheryl consistently deliver a warm and inviting dining experience—one that you'll find yourself desiring to relive time and again.


Zee's Bistro, nestled in the charming town of Chatham, Ontario, is an intimate and fully serviced dining establishment with 32 seats. The name "Zee's" was thoughtfully chosen as a tribute to the cherished memory of Bruce's mother, Zeona, a culinary virtuoso who left behind a treasure trove of her favorite recipes, including the indulgent three-layer chocolate cake and the irresistibly fudgy brownies featured on our dessert menu.

What sets Zee's apart is its captivating duality—one venue, two culinary realms. By day, Zee's comes alive with offerings of freshly crafted Panini sandwiches, wraps, vibrant salads, and comforting soups. As evening falls, an enchanting transformation unfolds: chandeliers cast a soft glow, linens grace the tables, and candles flicker to life. The dinner menu unfurls, a symphony of fine dining choices including the luscious AAA filet mignon, the exquisite rack of lamb, and artfully crafted in-house pasta, alongside a medley of delectable specials.

Bruce and Cheryl stand resolute in their commitment to delivering the epitome of freshness and flavor in Southern Ontario, all while nurturing their local economy and community ties:

They thoughtfully source produce and ingredients from a nearby organic farmer and curate a selection of fine wines from local wineries.

In their limited storage space, each order is meticulously prepared afresh, right down to the cracking of an egg for an Egg Salad Sandwich.

Scratch-made soups and quiches are a daily ritual, a labor of love from their kitchen.

The house-made honey Dijon, balsamic, Caesar, Greek, and cider vinaigrette salad dressings are an embodiment of Zee's commitment to craftsmanship.

Bruce and Cheryl hold the principles of exceptional service and unwavering quality dear, which is why they exclusively use top-tier ingredients, all free from MSG or preservatives. Their affable and well-informed staff is poised to ensure your visit is nothing short of unforgettable.

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